StartupHighway acceleration program’s duration is very flexible and, though it usually lasts 3 months, it can be easily redefined for each participant separately. It is strongly focused on individual business needs of each selected startup. Aside from funding and other perks, we sit together with the teams, study the weak points, analyze growth and scalability perspectives and make tailored plans accordingly for success stories to happen. We don’t rely on entirely general mentorship sessions which bring limited value when it comes to individually applied startup development. However, we do organize meetings with our elite mentors with respect to a genuine relevancy for your startup to open endless networking opportunities.

The time for applications has closed already, however if we are always up for great ideas! If you have any, you may share it with us by applying to our acceleration program. 

We are committed to building great opportunities for you.



Still questioning yourself why choosing StartupHighway to accelerate your startup is a great idea? Here are the top benefits of StartupHighway’s acceleration program in brief.

Individually designed expert guidance

The program plan is applied to precisely meet your startup’s needs.

Flexible program duration

We may shorten or extend the program according to individual business needs. We provide support and advice even after the acceleration programme.

Full seed funding

We provide startups with a seed funding of up to €25,000 and free open working space at the quarters of Rupert in Vilnius.

Further Investment opportunities

Possibilities for the greater next round investment from the accelerator and our partner VCs. We also offer a possibility to participate in individually organized meeting rounds with a separate investor in London.

Extensive network of business leaders and elite mentors

Through leverage of our business network we enable you to access the respective markets.

Exclusive working spot

A chance to get your very own exclusive spot in the newly established Vilnius Tech Park.


To make most out of our partnership during the acceleration programme we offer excellent conditions:

• Provision of an exceptionally tailored acceleration programme
• Intense and focused teamwork and partnership towards high achievements
• Access and leverage of our extensive international mentors fleet
Up to €25,000 in seed funding usually distributed in 3 separate tranches during the acceleration programme
• Leverage of our investors network to access the follow-up funding
• Free working space at Rupert in Vilnius
• Opportunity for individual or teams roundup meetings with a separate investor in London
• All of the above in exchange of up to a 7.5% equity stake based on a common global practise

We will engage with you as soon as we know you are keen to build the next global success together!

If not now, then when? The applications are welcome until end of April, 2015.

Apply NOW!