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Exceeding Expectations and List of StartupHighway Startups

Posted on Dec 19, 2011


Friday’s Demo Day was a blast! The intensity of great emotions was growing exponentially and literally skyrocketed.

StartupHighway’s Demo Day assembled more than 50 guests. Audience was eager to hear and meet young successful startups and consider them as a possible investment.

Let’s leave the “agenda and general flow of the day part” aside. Instead, let’s look at what investors and startups said after the event – their impressions, comments and feelings. They are the ones StartupHighway Demo Day was organized for.


Investors’ perspective:

  • I liked the Demo Day a lot! I had rather high expectations, which were eventually exceeded. I could not imagine the quality to be so high. First, the quality of pitches and presentations itself and the quality of how well startups could present their ides was great. Second, the quality of businesses and what’s achieved so far was very good. Next – startups should take a break for one week and resume hard work.
  • What I saw today was a huge improvement and growth of startups when compared to what I saw three months ago. All the hard work has been extremely fruitful. What’s also important – all the startups already have some feedback from customers.
  • The fact that all the startups are going global was very appealing to me.  
  • The Demo Day was success. And I would see that StartupHighway’s support and collaboration with startups doesn’t cease. For doing global businesses there is a need for experience and network, which StartupHighway can provide for the startups also in the future.
  • Demo Day went beyond my expectations!


Startups’ perspective


Alge, CEO and co-founder of Llamas Valley, e-publishing

We write about perfect places and imperfect people


I felt extremely relaxed after the pitch. It’s been hard, hard, hard work. On the one hand StartupHighway is over, but on the other hand – work goes on. Next, on our agenda are follow-up meetings with people we met today and further work to attract investment. Also, we will continue working on the next issue and we are also looking for contributors to the magazine’s content.

And I saw that all other startups did their best today. Honestly, that was the best I ever saw from them. Great job!

StartupHighway exceeded my expectations. I did not expect that I would gain so much here.


Roberts, CEO and co-founder of Relead, real-time web analytics tool for sales professionals

We know who instead of how many


The presentation I gave was my best presentation ever. Today I also had the chance to meet many people with whom it would be interesting to discuss possible collaboration. But for sure – there’s a lot of work ahead. After Christmas we are establishing a company in USA. We are also about to install our service for the first two paying customers. In addition, we are continuing the technical development of Relead. And this is just a part of what’s ahead.

When evaluating the presentations of others – I must say that I did like them a lot.


Rando, CEO and co-founder of Utilimon

We sell smaller energy bills for large companies


I felt extremely good while pitching Utilimon. I think the quality of our pitch was as good as it has never been. I am satisfied. On top of that, I was able to create interest especially for the investors we are mainly targeting – the ones interested in clean tech field. After the presentation I met potential investors and some more valuable and interesting contacts were gained from “people who know the right people” and they are interested to help us.

Next items on our agenda are finalizing the software in January, continuing work with customers and increasing the customer base. In addition, there is a lot of work for attracting investment and negotiating with potential investors.


Māris and Kristaps, founders of Sellfy

Sell and promote your digital products!


I was very focused during the presentation and it went very well. I truly did my best and couldn’t make it better. And it was my best presentation up to date.

After the pitch we met a several of potential investors who are interested in what we do. During the networking event we already agreed on one meeting. And we see that 50 % of our time after the Demo Day will be dedicated for attracting investment. And we can’t sit in one place – we must develop Sellfy and move forward, which will take the rest of the time. It will also involve considering the opinions and suggestions of existing users, implementing new features etc.

When evaluating pitches of other startups – I see that they all performed exceptionally well!


Rokas sums it up on behalf of the team:


Demo day was a very important step in the journey of startups, and a celebration of the first class of StartupHighway. I was very positively surprised how forthcoming the investors were: they asked questions, networked with startups, gave positive feedback and even went as far as give investment consideration meeting dates - that's startup acceleration in action - and that's amazing. Overall it was a very positive emotion, a big leap forward for us and for the ecosystem. I know StartupHighway is going to go on and reach out for the startups - now it's up to the startups of current class to become success stories and make us all very proud like I know they will.


See a few pictures from the Demo Day below.


StartupHighway team


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