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Numeric advantages of living in Vilnius

Posted on Sep 28, 2011

There are lots of entrepreneurs enabling activities and incubators around the globe in all sorts of hotspots, like the Valley or in UK. Meanwhile, StartupHighway kick-starts the accelerator culture in Central and Eastern Europe and is aspiring for skyrocketing development for our companies. It was no accident that Vilnius was chosen as the place to start StartupHighway, one important reason was the low living costs (it’s no fun to spend all your money on living expenses rather than your bootstrapped startup!). To give a clearer idea about what we mean, here are some numbers:


  • It’s pleasant to see the bill for renting a flat. Rent for a 80 sq meter flat in the old town or the centre is currently around 550 EUR and the heating bill is also quite small if you live in a relatively recently built building)


  • Inexpensive transportation makes you smile as well :) Bus ticket inside Vilnius costs 0,58 EUR. Taxi would bring you from the bus station to our office (2.3 km) for 5 LTL (1.5 EUR). If you happen to be eager to get the feeling of other Baltic Countries, bus will ensure that you get from Vilnius to Riga for 10-15 EUR, 20 EUR to Tallinn. One can experience the travelling inside Lithuania and the rest of the Baltic!


  • It’s vital to have a good and nutritious meal to keep on going. We never pay more than 3.5 – 4.5 EUR for a good meal in a café. And good news, for all coffee lovers, there is lots of good coffee in Vilnius! At Coffee Inn, popular coffee place in Vilnius (and no, they are not sponsoring us :) ),  a  medium Winne the Pooh Latte (it’s awesome because it’s made with sweet condensed milk!) costs around 6.5 LTL (1.88 EUR)


  • For all beer lovers – Lithuania has some of the best beers in the world! All cafes and bars serve the well-known brands like Švyturys or Kalnapilis, but there are a lot of breweries that offer a large variety of home-brewed beers. You can enjoy a nice pint after a hard day’s work for just 5-6 LTL (1.5 – 1.7 EUR)!


  • And to complete the whole picture, let’s look at the Big Mac index for Lithuania. It’s $ 2,31 (for Denmark and UK it is $ 4,49 and $ 3,32 respectively).


And just to whet your appetite, check out a short video about Vilnius.


“When the tough gets going, the going gets tough” – hard work here in Vilnius continues. But seeing the big picture in front of us helps and we do enjoy what we do! We are ready to continue like that.


Startuphighway you soon!


P.S. It’s never too much to thank our partners Finasta, Cezaris, and Open Coffee Club!

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