28 Feb

🌜The First Photography Community on STEEM Blockchain.🌛

If we want to see STEEM price go to $10, $100 or even $1000 dollars we all need to contribute to the community by creating quality content, fair curation and development of apps on Steem blockchain.

After some consideration BeScouted – a photography marketplace for all photography industry freelancers with more than 10 thousand talented members, chose Steem as their blockchain to build on and a few days ago connected to Steem blockchain. First BeScouted community members are already joining Steemit and are sharing their quality content on both platforms: BeScouted and Steemit.

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Becoming a member

Anybody can signup on BeScouted either by E-mail or with their Facebook account. You can signup as one of many talents, or with account type “Other” if your goal is to get inspiration and only curate content without uploading any photos. You connect to Steemit by entering your username and private posting key afterwards and you are eligible to all author and curation rewards just like you are on Steemit.


Any photo you upload on BeScouted will also appear on your Steemit timeline. If it gets upvoted on BeScouted you will get your rewards directly to your Steemit wallet, if it gets promoted on Steemit it will also reflect in your earnings on BeScouted. Basically you get double exposure for the same post and since BeScouted is photography community with content discovery mechanism, hence you will be increasing your exposure.

This is the beauty of decentralized databases as it allows many front end applications run on it simultaneously. There have been recent cases Steemit not working because of the DDOS attacks while at that time BeScouted was working perfectly and users could make posts and curate the content. We are sure there will be more and more applications that run on Steem blockchain making attacks on a specific app pointless.

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There are more then ten thousand talented members on BeScouted and many of them are already joining Steemit after hearing the exciting news about previously unimaginable opportunities and amazing Steemit community. This is our small contribution to the overall growth of Steemit, adoption of STEEM token and adding to it’s value which we all want to go to the moon:)

Upvoting photos on BeScouted is the same as upvoting posts on Steemit. You will get your curation rewards, users will see your upvotes on steemnow.com, steemd.com or on any of many amazing tools that Steemit members have created for each of us to use free of charge. BeScouted is on the same blockchain as Steemit.

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Current development

Currently we are working restlessly on the commenting part that will bring Steemit comments to our community. Commenting on BeScoutedwill also be visible in the comments on Steemit and Vice Versa. We are a bootstrapped project so sometimes it takes a bit longer to implement new features on legacy code than we would like to but the guys are taking hours from their sleep to make things happening faster. We will be raising money after some initial development, so in case any investor who believes in the future of Steem would like to talk to us about building the biggest photography marketplace in the world, we are open to a discussion.

Diana would certainly love to see some STEEM flowing her way as the winter is coming and she needs some new clothing as she sold all of it to pay for the servers. What a dedication:)

Other features

BeScouted has developed an advanced casting system which is very useful when you need to find multiple people such as models, make-up artists, hair stylists etc. for your photoshoots. It is also used to find paid work since productions houses, companies and brands are posting castings to find content creators to produce some specific content. 90% of visual content in the world is produced by freelancers. In the future payments will be able to be processed in STEEM that would tremendously cut the cost of production and increase value and liquidity of STEEM token.

We are also planning to add locations scouting, talent search by face recognition powered by machine learning and AI, automatic job matching and too many other to mention. We will be creating a separate post regarding our plans and road map. Our main priority now is to be fully functional on Steem blockchain.

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We are impatiently waiting for the Velocity hard fork that will allow effortless on boarding and creation of communities through Smart Media Token. Most definitely we will be creating out token and one of the elements in it’s distribution will be popularity points that you gain by uploading content on BeScouted when it is upvoted. So Basically that is another reason to upload your photos on BeScouted as effectively you are getting two tokens STEEM and Token “X” .

We would love to thank all “Steemit” community members for a very warm welcome we have received, for all the help and assistance while connecting BeScouted to the Steem blockchain. You rock guys and girls! With such community in place i am sure Steemit and the whole STEEM blockchain is going to the moon very soon! luna_southern_hemisphere_1280.jpg


Sincerely yours,


The BeScouted Team


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