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How much does it cost to live in Vilnius?

In short, Vilnius is a great place to start a business. You can expect that €650 will cover the expenses for a whole month for one person. You may check the preliminary cost of living in Vilnius here.

Where will we live during the program?

Don’t worry, we will help all selected teams to find suitable accommodation for the duration of the program.

Why is StartupHighway based in Vilnius?

With a combination of super tech friendly location and the significant expert knowledge StartupHighway considers Vilnius to be a perfect spot for setting up your business. Low taxes, compact city, high infrastructure, newly established technical hub Vilnius Tech Park and the globally acknowledged status of “smart city” outweighs other European cities.

Is my company at a too early (or late) stage to apply to StartupHighway?

No! We accept startups both at an early stage and later stages, because we believe that the unique focus on individual mentorship can bring value to start-ups at any stage.

Can you guarantee my startup will get funded after StartupHighway program ends?

We cannot guarantee the follow-up funding, although StartupHighway and other VC partners provide it to the top performing teams. Our experience shows that half of the startups that have completed StartupHighway’s acceleration program have received further funding. By participating in the acceleration programme you undertake our suggested growth scheme and guidance which results in highly increased chances to receive additional funding.

Why should I choose StartupHighway’s acceleration program?

During its 4 challenging years of operation, StartupHighway has proved to be an exceptional acceleration program. With all the knowledge and experience that we gained during all these years, we have now designed a new program model to specifically meet your business needs. The program  would not have a standard framework suitable for everyone as we believe in each startup’s uniqueness. That’s why we made it flexible and will shape it accordingly to your startup’s business demands, rather than relying on generic guidance for all teams. Therefore we help to improve your business within the most relevant fields of expertise for your startup.

How should I apply to the StartupHighway program?

You should simply fill in the application form on StartupHighway website.

How much funding do the selected startups receive?

Each selected startup will be granted with up to 25,000 in seed funding, depending on the number of co-founders. The funding will be distributed in usually 3 separate tranches during the acceleration programme. In exchange for money and our priceless support, we normally receive a 7,5% equity stake.   

We have as well introduced an option, that allows teams that have already received funding or are cashflow generative to participate in StartupHighway for a 3.75% equity stake – without any additional investment funding.

In addition to StartupHighway’s seed funding, participants will have access to the follow-up funding from StartupHighway and our VC partners.

Can I apply if I’m not from Lithuania or Central Eastern Europe (CEE)?

Yes! Anyone can apply to Startup Highway, as long as you and your team can stay in Lithuania legally and if your company will be incorporated in Lithuania.

What is StartupHighway?

StartupHighway is a great chance to launch your startup by receiving individually customized expert guidance and essential support – initial funding needed to get your start-up running, free office space and working together with elite mentors and experts. In a nutshell, StartupHighway allows you to explore your business’ potential in a supportive business environment without any risk.

What to expect in 2015?

The applications are open until end of April, 2015. We have introduced a newly shaped approach on StartupHighway acceleration programme which will be focused on individually designed solutions and mentorship for each startup. The best performing team might have a chance to get an exclusive seat in brand new Vilnius Tech Park, besides a free working space at Rupert in Vilnius. 

Where is StartupHighway based and how will the program look like?

The current and 5th round of StartupHighway will take place in Rupert, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The application process will be open from until end of April, 2015. The applications can be sent via StartupHighway website. The program will start in May. You can read more about the program’s structure here. The top team(s) from 2015 class will be eligible for a follow-up funding and further 6 months business development in the Silicon Valley.

What kind of companies do you accept in StartupHighway?

Our primary interest lies in tech startups that are scalable, prosperous in growth and making global impact. We feel that technology-based companies are the ones that can benefit the most from our added value. Please check our Portfolio to get a sense of types of startups that have worked with us so far.


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