We introduce an incredibly easy way to become a founder. You may now create powerful startups by joining StartupHighway as an Entrepreneur – in – residence (EIR).

Who is EIR?

He’s got a break-through potential. He is an exceptional entrepreneur. He is a destined founder.

If you want make it to an EIR at StartupHighway, you probably have already founded a few startups, or possess a proven career track as a prosperous executive, or simply have a passion and inner confidence in your entrepreneurial calling.

It is not a job. It is a privilege.

It is a smart and secure way to create a new venture. You will get a complete set of entrepreneur’s kit: the network, the funding, the power.

You are going to either develop a new investment case or join hot startups as a co-founder. You will be backed by StartupHighway and will get extensive support to get the new business going. Unlimited access to startups, entrepreneurs’ network, and the freedom to come up with your own business idea – everything that goes with the exceptional EIR package.

It is a real privilege to get EIR’s status – both for you and for us. Besides the seed funding, our trust in your expertise, capabilities, intelligence and determination is the biggest investment we can make. Likewise, your devotion to drive new visions is the fuel to our success.

Boost your entrepreneurial chances. Become an EIR.

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