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27 May

How many ideas are enough to solve a business problem?

Today a new learning event “StartupLithuania Summer Academy” organized the first session for young startupers and futurpreneurs. It started with a great introductory track about idea generation, held by...

11 May

How to create a successful affiliate program: Planner 5D case study

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most beneficial internet marketing tools. Although it’s surrounded by many myths and scepticism, it’s advantages are pretty clear – increased traffic and...

02 Apr

Not “wanted” by investors? There is a way to become a better founder

All investors surely know how to select startups based on their founders’ personal and professional qualities. But does every founder know if he was really meant to be one?...

05 Mar

How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea

Original added on StartupLithuania Having a brilliant idea won’t do the whole work to get your business going. Therefore you must learn how to pitch it. Great advice never...

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