02 Apr

Not “wanted” by investors? There is a way to become a better founder

All investors surely know how to select startups based on their founders’ personal and professional qualities. But does every founder know if he was really meant to be one? Having a marvelous idea is not enough, on the contrary, it’s just a start line for the rocky journey to successful entrepreneurship.

If such thing as founder’s DNA exists, then probably some of the founders are screwed already by lacking magic genes in their blood. However, if you have a brilliant product and want to get investors’ money, there are certain things that qualify you as a “wanted” or “desperate” founder. So what is the secret formula?

Get your genie out of the bottle

There are plenty of reasons why angel investors, venture capital funds, startup accelerators wouldn’t want to take a risk on you. If you’re a criminal, a lazy-ass or a liar, you’re already in the black list with almost zero chances to make it to entrepreneur. In any other case, you may prepare yourself for a successful venture. Here are few tips on how to win the startup lottery and minimize the risk of failures.

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