22 May

Get your handbook of Lithuanian startup ecosystem now

Whether you are a local folk or have just visited Lithuania, you should have already got inspired by its vibrant startup culture and vast investment opportunities. We as a part of a global innovative startup community, are proud of our advanced business environment. Hence, we want you to have a detailed handbook of the Lithuanian startup arena, so that you could carry it with you and use whenever needed.


Lithuanian startup accelerator StartupHighway together with the business-promoting agency Enterprise Lithuania and TRINITI, an alliance of Baltic commercial law firms, has worked hard to bring you a versatile review of the whole Lithuanian startup ecosystem.


The guide is designed for investors, startups, entrepreneurs and anyone looking for a perfect business place. It tells about:


  • How Lithuania ranks in the world
  • Magnificent results of 2014
  • Institutions and investment funds
  • Co-working spaces and hubs
  • Networking and events
  • Startup landscape
  • Game development
  • Influencers you should follow
  • Performance of VC funds
  • Reasons for investment transactions
  • Relocation options


Better have a look yourself and thank us later. Please share, care and become a part of a rising startup nation!

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