28 Aug

Application analytics: make data work for your profit.

How analytical systems can increase your cash flow? Answer is – easily! All you need is a right attitude and a pinch of knowledge.

devtodev.com lead analyst Vasiliy Sabirov is here to reveal all the secrets and mysteries about application analytics.
We would like to invite you to workshop “Application analytics: make data work for your profit.” Attending this event will give you enough knowledge to start using application analytics, even if you knew nothing about it before.
Event plan:
Part №1 – Theory:
1) How analytical systems work, what data should your app transfer to the system to track and count base metrics.
2) How to use advanced analytical tools – custom events, segments, experiments. How do they work and what they can lead to.
3) How to earn more using analytics.

Part №2 – Practice and case study:
1) Detailed analysis of several applications.
2) Analytical system integration practice: installing SDK, defining right data to transfer, what segments to mark up and what experiments to set up.
3) Case study
We are looking forward to make all visitors of the event to know the basics of analytics, and have just right amount of knowledge to successfully use analytics in their workflow, deeply understand user’s behaviours and making right decisions to earn more money!

Part №3 – Discussion and Q&A Session:
We invite all attendees to an informal discussion to share own experience in app analytics and ask Vasiliy and each other any questions.

About Vasiliy Sabirov:
Vasiliy holds degrees both in Maths and Economics, what allowed him to build a successful career as an application analyst. More than five years of experience – two years as a head of analytics department in Xsolla payment system. Two years as a lead analyst in Tanki Online. A year as a lead analyst in devtodev. Vasiliy has broad experience in analysing in-game economics, creating monetisation models and mechanisms.

Admission fee: FREE (coffee and cookies included)
ISM Innovators base, Arklių g. 18, Vilnius
September, 8th
18:00 – 21:00

See ya!

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