23 Feb

Crowdfunding Lithuania – Takeaways From The Event

On 17th February, 2015 S​tartupHighway​ hosted a noteworthy event focused on successful Lithuanian crowdfunding initiatives that were willing to spread the word about their exclusive stories.

The speakers came from various industries and presented their projects, including most successful Lithuanian gaming projects (N​ovus Aeterno ​and P​athologic)​, design (Esquoia​­ reusable notebook) and creative (Y​ou Can’t Escape Lithuania, ​W​e Will Riot)​campaigns, not forgetting impressive hardware inventions, such as R​ubbee​­ the electric drive for bicycles, Deeper​­ fishfinder for iOS and Android devices, and F​OODsniffer ​(a.k.a. PERES) ­ a smart device protecting you from food poisoning. Every participant shared his own story to shed a light on our minds of what it’s like to run a crowdfunding campaign. Here are all the valuable tips that will serve as great advice for all business starters.

If you want to know how make a successful crowdfunding campaign, read the whole article on Arctic Startup.

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